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Thank you for the service over the last 2 years. It has been superb.

Brian M.

"We have been using Emerald Lawn care since we moved here 3 years ago. The lawns are looking wonderful now but were a mess when we first arrived. The service offered by Rob and his team is extremely friendly, efficient, professional and we think good value. We also use the scarifying service which is done annually and is definitely worth having done all the moss is removed to let the new grass come through. I would recommend Emerald Lawn care to everyone looking for a lush green lawn."


"Thanks for the hard work this year. Grass looked best it ever has done in the decade we've lived here."

Sandiway, Northwich

"You may get an enquiry from a Bill L. of Wybunbury, a friend of mine who is well impressed with the condition of our lawns (as are all our neighbours and passers by)."

Petere B.

“Just a note to say how well the lawn is looking .No moss, no weeds, just green green grass which is a pleasure to cut and is much admired by friends and neighbors.”

David & Claire

“Thank you so much for treating our lawns at Grange House. They look incredible after your treatments. We couldn't believe the difference when we arrived home recently - no weeds or thistles! We will highly recommend you to our neighbours and friends.”


“When we moved into our current house in Betley the lawns (back and front) were in a terrible state, especially inundated with moss. Meeting Emerald Lawncare at a county show and with subsequent treatment on a regular basis they are now looking great with rich grass and texture. Ideal for the grandchildren to play on! We can recommend Emerald to anyone who cares about their lawns; they know what they are doing!”


"I am delighted to add my thoughts about the service provided by Emerald Lawn Care and the results of their labour. Firstly, the service provided is second to none. Their reliability and promptness is excellent and they communicate their intentions which many of their competitors do not. At our first meeting I stipulated that I would give Robin twelve months to improve my lawn. The condition of the lawn was not good to say the least. I am pleased to report that my lawn is much improved and well on its way back to what I expect it to look like."

R Gleave

"Hi Robin Just thought I would let you know how please d I am with the lawn. It looks great, better than It has for a long, long time. Nearly all the weeds have now disappeared, its thicker and nice and green!"


“Surrounded by green fields of lush Cheshire dairy pastures, I always considered this a plus to my gardens back drop. But with every plus there comes a minus and this manifested itself in an invasion every year of Buttercups, Dandelions and Daisies. 2 years ago I enlisted the help of Rob from Emerald Green and at a fraction of the cost I used to spend treating the grass. I now have the most prolific green grass and no weeds at all – Perfect!” R. H. (Willington, Tarporley)

R. H. (Willington, Tarporley)

“I’d just like to tell you how nice our lawn now looks. It's been transformed since you started your treatment.” Rob & Chris  (Cheshire)

Rob & Chris (Cheshire)

“Two years ago my lawns were in a terrible state, they had badly neglected with bare and dead patches all over. I had two choices; either re-turf the lawn or re-dig the ground and re-seed. My neighbour had his lawn maintained be ‘Emerald’ and suggest that I have a word with them before doing anything as drastic as the above. Emerald had a look at my lawn and said that they could recover it without having to go to the expense of doing either of the above. Emerald lawn care did a wonderful job and soon had it in good form without having to replace. Now it’s like walking on a ‘soft velvet carpet’ and all I need to do is cut it regular and keep it well watered, the rest I leave to Emerald lawn care, it’s well worth it.” Andrew B (Warrington)

Andrew B (Warrington)

“Dear Robin, Thank you for the care you put into looking after our lawns. The difference you have made and the helpful comments you have given has proved invaluable. There such a vast comparison between what you do and what the previous lawn care service did: your concern of the lawns, the extra service you willingly give and especially the cleaning up afterwards is very noticeable. You spend far more time with us than we ever had before, and your personal friendship is much appreciated. We have been happy to commend your service to others. We wish you well in your business: deserve to expand and prosper. Yours sincerely” Phillip K (Winsford, Cheshire)

Phillip K (Winsford, Cheshire)

"I first started using Emerald Lawn Care about 7/8 yrs. ago (?) when I had a major problem with “chafer grubs” devouring my lawns! At that time, I was with Greenthumb for lawn treatment four times a year. I asked them to solve the problem and get rid of the grubs. Although I paid them, they were unable to do so! Robin Dack from Emerald,cold called me and offered to get rid of them free of charge.... which he did! Since then, I have been more than happy to continue the relationship with Emerald as they do an excellent job of maintaining my lawns to a very good standard. Robin and his company convey a very personable approach to their business and customer care and I can thoroughly recommended them to anyone who takes a pride in their lawn. " Ralph Ellis (Whitegate, Cheshire)

Ralph Ellis (Whitegate, Cheshire)

"We have been extremely impressed with the treatment of our lawns this summer by Emerald Lawn Care Company. The company is run by Robin and Karen Dack who are very personable and hardworking young couple. They are knowledgeable about maintenance and treatment of lawns and are prepared to spend time discussing and advising. They have always arrived when they said they would and have been prepared to do some research on our behalf and report back to us. We have found them to be professional, enthusiastic and best of all, trustworthy – a valuable asset in today’s world. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others." T Hayes (Cheshire)

T Hayes (Cheshire)

"I just want to say “Thank You” for my beautiful law. Where before I used to have a scruffy piece of grass filled with weeds & moss. I know have an Emerald green lawn – thanks to your treatments." B Wilson (Northwich, Cheshire)

B Wilson (Northwich, Cheshire)

"When you visited us early in the year we had just decided to use the lawn on the South side of the house for the initial phase of our son’s wedding reception early in July. The law was terrible: full of moss and old thatch, a lot of weeds interspersed with rather weak grass. We agreed to your phased programme of moss kill, weed kill and fertiliser and also the Aeration and Scarification procedures. On the wedding day in July the lawn was terrific, so much so that our nearly 200 guests all thought it necessary to comment to that effect. We felt that you had entered into the spirit of the challenge, including a last minute liquid fertiliser to achieve maximum greenness. Now it is September and we have a beautiful lawn, thick fine grass and no weeds/moss. We have enjoyed experiencing the professionalism of your work and have also been very touched by your personal commitment and enthusiasm to achieve what we needed. Very many thanks." R. Rutherford

R. Rutherford

"Your mail shot at the start of this year prompted us to try your fresh approach, and we are delighted by the results. Not only have the lawns returned to their original appearance, but also the moss and other growths have disappeared." A D Smith (Cheshire)

A D Smith (Cheshire)

What Our Customer Say:

Thank you for the service over the last 2 years. It has been superb.


"We have been using Emerald Lawn care since we moved here 3 years ago.

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