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  • Cut the grass twice a week, if possible, when the grass is growing vigorously.
  • Cut in the evening, once a week, during prolonged dry spells in summer to reduce plant stress.
  • Never cut the lawn lower than 1 inch in height from the soil level.
  • If the grass has grown tall due to holidays or wet weather, simply raise the cut height at the first cut, then reduce the height at the next cut a couple of days later.
  • Cut the lawn two days before a treatment is scheduled, and don’t cut for two to three days after.
  • Cutting with a rotary mower is recommended on most lawns.
  • Make sure the mower blade is kept sharp. Where possible mow in different directions.


  • Lawns lose 4 gallons of water per square yard every week.
  • Prevention is better than a cure so water before lawns start to dry out.
  • Water in the evening or early morning to keep evaporation to a minimum.
  • Water every three to four days during dry conditions.
  • Place a measuring jug under the watered area, when the water level reaches 1 inch, this will replace water lost during the week.
  • Sandy soil will require more frequent watering
  • Watering after a treatment is recommended if no rainfall occurs within two or three days.

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